The Joys of Having Children

Singaporeans today are wiser and practical. There are couples who plan a small family with one or two children but there are other couples, like Mr. and Mrs. Rahim who felt that more children means more fun. The couple have eight children on their 14 years of marriage. Both are 41 years old. For other people, this is impractical but the couple said that they never regretted the decision.


Having a big family is advantageous despite the stress. The stress is on the mother and the father; they should make sure that they earn enough for the family. There are utilities, education and food to think but it is nothing compared to the joys of having children. What are the advantages of having a big family? Here is a look:

Laughter filled house

If you have many children, you will surely hear laughter in every corner of the house. Laughter can stimulate and inspire you. Seeing your kids laughing, playing and interacting will bring you so much joy.

Extra help

Big family means delegation of tasks. Household tasks can easily be accomplished with more hands around. For example, your eldest son/daughter can help you baby sit. Babysitting and other chores can teach your children to be more responsible and aware.

Assistance when you are old

When you are old and weak, your children can give you support and love. It is time for your children to prove their love and gratitude to you.

Indeed having a big family is beneficial but if you are not convinced, you should plan a small family. There is no one stopping you. If you want more children in the long run, you are free to have many children as long as you can provide for them. Go and prosper!

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