The Supertrees at the Gardens by the Bay


“Poems are made by fools like me but only God can make a tree,” thus goes the famous line from Joyce Kilmer in her poem “Trees”.

While this is still true in a way, humans have evolved drastically that they have been able to find a way to actually make trees. Yes, and you can actually admire not only one but a couple of enormous trees towering Gardens by the Bay in Singapore. These magnificent supertrees stand between 25 and 50 meters tall, hence quickly becoming one of the icons of Singapore.


If these is not impressive enough then wait until you hear this fact, these man-made trees are actually solar-powered hence they don’t eat up electricity that is supposed to be distributed to the good citizens of Singapore.

During daytime these Supertrees are open for public viewing. They can be seen upclose using a Skywalk (priced at only a couple of dollars). Using the Skywalk, you would be able to closely observe the vertical garden in the very trunks of the supertrees.

During nighttime, you can see these Supertrees fascinatingly transform and magically come to life in Gardens by the Bay in an awesome event called the Garden Rhapsody. People who are fortunate enough to watch this show are rendered star-strucked and lost for words after watching a stunning display of brilliant lights and  impressive fusion of dynamic music.gallery_Gardens-Supertrees-49

Anyone would be able to enjoy this Garden Rhapsody. What is great about this event is that it’s given away for free. It’s so great to have in a place like Singapore, where the cost of living is considerably higher than in other countries, something that is given for free.

Last 2015, there was a superb Garden Rhapsody Show in the Supertrees Grove found in the Gardens by the Bay where the Supertrees were showcased in a Disney-like manner. The music, the lighting effects, the timing—everything was so amazing that you will feel like you are being sucked in a vortex that would take you to a parallel universe where your dreams would literally come to life.

Every single child who have heard and watched the show must have felt the same way. In a brief fraction of time, they may have imagined that they are living their dreams, their fantasies; their fairytales where magic is not just make-believe but a hard core reality that is present in an everyday life.

Book those tickets as early as possible and together let’s enjoy this wonder-filled show of magic with our loved ones only in Singapore.


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