Two Tricks for Saving More on Plane Tickets  


As much as we want to travel often, the circumstances will not allow us – or so we thought. There are few Singaporeans who do not let circumstances hinder their inner “wanderlust”. There are many places to see and many things to experience. It would be a waste to just stay here in Singapore and be contented.


The world is waiting. We have to honour it by traveling as often as we want. Traveling need not to be costly (if that is what we are after) for there are many ways we can maximize our money. We have to remember that the experience will be nothing compared to the monetary value we spent. So, what are we waiting for? The first step is to book plane tickets.

For seasoned travellers, there are some tricks for saving more on plane tickets. We just need to hear them out and hopefully we can get something from them. Seasoned travellers would always tell us that getting the best deals is all about timing. We have to know the right time so we can get the best deals. Thankfully timing is not that difficult if we know two tricks.

The two tricks for saving more on plane tickets are as follows:


  • For nearby destinations: Booking as early as possible is the best thing that we can do. Now, the question is – how early? According to experts, for nearby destinations, the ideal time to book air tickets is forty six days (or one and a half months) before the travel date. If we practice this, we get at least 9% savings compared to flights when booked one month (or less) in advance. If we decide to go to Australia, we can get cheap airfares by booking at least two months before departure to get at least 18% savings in airfares.
  • For remote destinations: For remote destinations, we have to book our tickets at least two and a half months before our travel date. Remote destinations include Caribbean, Africa, Europe and the Americas. According to, if we book two and a half months in advance for a European tour, we save at least 13%. In the case of the Caribbean, if we book two and a half months in advance, we get at least 20% savings. This sounds promising, eh?

These tricks can help us with the booking. We have to remember that booking on the exact day of the travel is expensive and rash. Traveling needs careful thought and more importantly, timing. Enjoy booking and bon voyage!


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