Ways to Enhance Emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence is one’s ability to manage, express, and be aware of his/her feelings. Having high emotional intelligence is important for many aspects of life, like work for example. Singaporeans are among the hardest working in the world. But sometimes it can get in the way of our life and we have difficulty controlling and expressing our emotions. Here, then, are some things we could do to manage our feelings better.

Allow emotions to flow

No matter if you’re happy, scared, miserable, or excited, do not try to suppress those emotions too much. When you feel happy, then go ahead and show it. If you feel sad to the point of crying, then by all means cry. This improves your emotional intelligence because it helps you express the way you feel at any given moment. That, then helps you manage and control your emotions better.

Name your emotions

Another good thing to take note is to name your emotions. It’s a small practice that can help you understand your feelings and yourself better. Many people say they feel “bad” which is a general term that can basically mean anything from “frustrated”, “anxious”, “annoyed” and etc. But, when you learn to be more specific and really recognize your emotions, you will begin to understand what exactly you are feeling even in the future. So then, you can upon these emotions accordingly

Listen to your body

Acknowledging physical sensations also plays a role in improving emotional intelligence. This is because our emotions also manifest through our body whether we notice it or not. One common example is having sweaty palms when you are nervous. Or that funny feeling in your stomach when talking to someone you like. When you’re able to notice these, you can also better understand your emotions.

Write about how you feel

This can tie down with naming your emotions. You can try to take time off your day and write about how you’ve felt throughout the day. When you write your feelings down, you can actually map them out because feelings and emotions are complicated things. You won’t be able to describe an emotion in one word, so write how you and elaborate the things you feel no matter if they connect or not.

Pick your company well

While you have a BFF who will try to make you happy all the time, it would also be best to have someone who is honest to you. This is because your BFF, most likely, will never say anything to hurt you. But with someone who is honest, you will be able to see both your good and bad qualities and emotions. This “someone”, of course, should be a person whom you can completely trust. 

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