Where to Shop the Thrifty Way in Singapore

When going on any trip, there are three major things travellers do—eat, travel and shop. The first activity, eating, is satisfied by going to the different famous and authentic restaurants in the place being travelled. The second activity which is travelling itself is achieved by having a map, asking people or reading blogs and visiting the place’s most famous tourist spots, land mark and historical places.


Finally, after satisfying the tummy and the itching desire to travel, the traveller needs to bring home something as a concrete remembrance of the travel—shopping comes in. However, in all the eating and travel, the traveller might not have enough money, so we formulated a list of the cheapest shopping mall one can visit in Singapore.

  • Mustafa Centre: Did you travel all day and does not have enough time to shop for the day, do not worry because one of the cheapest shopping centre in Singapore is open 24 hours. Mustafa Centre offers a huge range of options for people as it holds 75,000 different items in its six floors. Different products are sold here from clothing, accessories, gadgets and food. All items are on fixed price, but all these prices are fairly low.
  • Scape: Aside from having cheap products, Scape promises product designs which are unique and can only be seen in the stall where you found it because the sellers here are bloggers. The stalls are managed by independent designers; therefore, one cannot see the same copy of the product in other parts of the world because it is independently done by the designer.


  • Sungie Road Thieve’s Market: This market will not be called by its name if it is not because of the cheap prices of the goods being sold here. Here in Sungei Road Thieve’s Market, most products are already used and many of the new products are really very cheap. This market is the oldest flea market in Singapore.
  • Lucky Plaza: Having 26 up and down escalators, Lucky Plaza is one of the largest shopping malls in Singapore. All services from food, accessories, clothing and gadgets can be found here; all in cheap prices.



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