4 Luxurious Yoga Retreats Near Singapore

There are instances when a fun beach vacay or a relaxing staycation in a fancy hotel just doesn’t cut it. You come home and go back to work still feeling exhausted and burdened by stress. If you feel anything like this, you need more than just a vacation—a retreat!

These peaceful havens are just a bus- or a train-ride away from Singapore, but are peaceful havens that help detox you physically, mentally and even digitally, complete with cozy accommodation and relaxing facilities to set you straight. Below, we gathered five yoga places for a well-deserved break and rehabilitation of your body and mind. 

  1. Revivo Wellness Resort, Bali

Perched on top of Nusa Dua hills, this newly opened resort and spa is a tanquil oasis, making it a perfect spot for a yoga retreat. Here, you can try a variety of yoga styles, ranging from Vinyasa to aerial flow yoga, and even Anusara, which is a yoga combination of Western movement and Eastern spirituality.

  • Uma Paro, Bhutan

For a vacation that relaxes the body, mind and soul, a holiday yoga package at Uma Paro is one you must try. Set in a 5-star hotel and spa that overlooks the Paro Valley of Bhutan, it is the ideal escape place and reward yourself of some well-deserved TLC. A typical day during your stay may include a morning and afternoon yoga and guided walks through the Paro Valley. And as you’ve worked hard, treat yourself to their skin cleansing treatment and signature massage to end your day.

  • Langkawi Yoga, Malaysia

Seated right in the middle of green rice paddies, Langawi Yoga offers a laidback and humble approach to their yoga experiences, so you can expect a mix of energizing yoga and the slow, tranquil style. Their programs feature luxurious massages, jungle and coastline tours, a healthy vegetarian fare and yoga practices twice a day. Langkawi Yoga is also decked with charming cottages scattered around the rainforest, but you can also take a pick from their hotel room accommodations.

  • Kamalaya Koh Samui, Thailand

This award-winning retreat centre in Thailand is set in an ancient cave that was once inhabited by monks. Here at Kamalaya Koh Samui, you will find various wellness programmes that mainly focus on building a solid foundation for a healthy lifestyle, burnout relief and emotional balance. You can even talk to their naturopaths to customize your own programme based on your particular needs and health goals.

Taking good care of your state of mind is just as important as ticking off every item in your long list of life goals. Take advantage of these paradise of Zen every once in a while to keep your physical, mental and emotional health in check.

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