5 Realistic Ways to Be a More Interesting Person

Being an interesting person is beneficial for both your personal life and career. When you’re interesting, everyone you know—from your friends to your boss—want to be around you. Not only will this make it easier for you to build a network career-wise, relationships are also easier to strengthen and maintain.

To reap such benefits, here are some simple ways to make yourself more interesting.

  1. Loosen Up and Be Natural

One reason why people shy away from trying to become interesting is that they worry over small things and in result come across as unnatural. The effort backfires and make them look they’re trying too hard. Instead of worrying, loosen up and take things the way they unfold. Avoid worrying over things you can’t control and remain as calm as you can.

  • Be Optimistic

Interesting people are jolly and optimistic people. This is one of the reasons why everyone loves to be around them. Simply think about it: would you want to be with a negative and grumpy person? To invite company and more people toward you, start by focusing more on the positives of your life. Remember that attitude is contagious, so make sure yours is worth catching.

  • Consider Voice Tone and Body Language

It is not always about what you say. If your words aren’t accompanied with the right gestures, you may appear insincere. Your voice tone and body language matters greatly in making sure that you’re conveying the message clearly to the person you’re talking to.  So, don’t hesitate to smile, laugh, be passionate and to modulate your voice. Don’t just blurt the words out.

  • Explore and Try Something New

Boring people usually have a limited comfort zone. They are scared to broaden their horizon and just live their lives not even trying to reach their full potential. Try to constantly challenge yourself to expand your comfort zone. Start small such as joining a pottery class to as big as conquering a fear. You’ll be surprised how quickly you can become the most interesting person in a group.

  • Be Curious

One sure-fire way to be a boring and dull person is close yourself off to different viewpoints and opinions. Since you don’t want to be that awkward person in the party, actively seek out new experiences and ideas that you know will change the way you think. Stay curious and always keep an open mind.

As you can tell, becoming interesting isn’t as difficult as you thought it would be. Take it one step at a time, and it’ll feel natural over time.

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