6 Gorgeous Alternatives to Traditional Wedding Band

Metals like gold, silver, and platinum – alloys included – are timeless symbols of commitment, but they also have their downsides other than their price tag.

For instance, they’re great for conducting electricity and insulation (bad news if you’re constantly exposed to electricals and high heat!).  They can also trigger metal allergies and put you at a risk of hurting your hand in certain instances.

If you find that any of these apply to you, then here are some material alternatives you should definitely start mulling over:

  1. Silicone

Couples with an active day job or lifestyle, where they need to be hands-on all the time, will be sure to love a ring that won’t slip off, conduct heat, or be prone to accidents that would lead to finger damage.

This is where silicone rings come in. Their structure makes them durable, hypo-allergenic and extremely flexible and non-conductive, which makes them perfect for most work environments.

  • Tungsten Carbide

Because even classic bands like gold and silver can get scratched after a long time, choose this material for your ring instead.

Not only is tungsten carbide scratch-resistant, but it’s also harder than steel and gold. The biggest advantage is that it’s much cheaper than traditional precious metals, making durability a much more affordable option for any engagement or wedding ring.

  • Ceramic/Wood

Ceramics are an excellent non-allergenic alternative to rings made of precious metals, since rings made of these precious metals and their alloys can be lost, scratched, and/or easily damaged.

With wood, you have a number of advantages – you have a ring that’s unique in appearance, durable, and hypo-allergenic, but also eco-friendly and really cheap.

These two options are particularly great for those who happen to work near sources of heat or electricity. It minimizes the risk of burns or electrocution, and in hazardous work conditions, there’s no need to take off the ring.

Non-Ring Alternatives

Non-ring alternatives also exist for those constantly working with their hands, such as the following:  

  • Wedding Tattoo – Worried about your ring snagging or getting in the way at work? Can’t find a suitable substitute for a wedding ring?

How about no ring instead?

This new trend where couples simply get a wedding tattoo instead of a ring is not only cheaper, but also a more creative way of showing your commitment.

  • Necklace/chain – Instead of a wedding band, more and more couples are donning a gold chain that they can wear around their neck – and the ring can be strung on the necklace depending on your preference.
  • Watch – While this isn’t a less expensive option, it does make for a non-finger option while still being an expensive reminder of commitment and marital status.

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