Benefits of Having a Mentor in Work and in Life

A mentor is someone, typically a professional, who is willing to spend time to share his/her knowledge and experience to the mentee. Many successful CEO’s around the world have mentors and advisors. Even Singaporeans who work in office jobs consider mentorship. Here, then, are some benefits of having a mentor!

Motivation and inspiration

Your mentor will tell you about all the challenges he/she had to face on the way to success. Every time you lose motivation or when your challenges and frustrations are piling up, think of how your mentor was able to see success after they suffered just like you. Taking inspiration in their determination and success. Plus, because they’ve gone through this before, they’ll be able to help you move forward as well.


Your mentor wouldn’t be in the place he is now if he didn’t have extensive knowledge of the field. Good mentors, for example, are always aware of the movement in the industry, ups and downs in the market, job openings, and a lot more. They might also be able to give you advice on business opportunities so that you can avoid any mistakes they have done in the past. You can rely on your mentor to teach you basic information or complicated technicalities that you ought to know.

They can help you focus

There are always times when we’ll feel lost and lose our concentration because everything in life is happening too fast. It will be easy for you to get sucked in despair in these times, especially if you don’t have anyone to depend on. A mentor can help you use different perspectives that will help you overcome your trials. The great thing about this is, they help you learn by yourself. They won’t spoon feed you because, of course, that does more harm than good.


Much like their having broad knowledge, they will also surely have much experience. You can’t really consider someone a mentor if they just started out at the same time as you. You will, most likely, go down a similar path as your mentor. So, you can use what you learn from their experiences and apply those in your own journeys. But, because things can be different in their time and yours, you should still use your own knowledge and incorporate their teachings accordingly.

They give honest feedback

Another important benefit of having a mentor is that they will always give you honest feedback. This is because it is very easy for us to trick ourselves into making wrong decisions. A lot of times we also fail to see who we truly are. Our mentors will be able to keep us grounded and immediately let us know if we’re doing anything wrong. They won’t sugar-coat their words and will show you your weaknesses and mistakes truthfully, of course without being hurtful. This will help you not only in work, but also in life as a whole.

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