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A Guide to Gracefully Grow Out Your Bangs


Having bangs is like a cycle – you commit and feel excited about getting one, then you start feeling tired grooming it. However, cutting a fringe is way easier than growing it out, as anyone who’s done it know all too well. Fortunately, you no longer have to go through those awkward hair stages as we listed down some of the best tips on how you can easily, gracefully and quickly grow out your fringe.

  1. Regularly Trim Your Bangs

While it may seem counterproductive, trimming your bangs every four to six weeks will actually help in growing it out faster. Not only will it allow your hair to absorb vitamins better, it’ll also make your fringe blend with the rest of your hair easily and more naturally.

  1. Part Them Sideways

One of the easiest style of fringe to grow out is the side-swept bangs. Not only does this style blend with the rest of your hair beautifully, it’s also keeps your strands from growing down straight into your eyes. All you’ve got to do is part your bangs either to the right or to the left, then comb them straight forward from the crown, and swoop them to one side.

  1. Use Hair Pins

Not a fan of side-swept bangs? Then use hair pins to stylishly grow them out and keep them away from your face. If you have thick bangs, apply a bit of clay to easily tame them. Another great idea is incorporating your fringe into a French braid so you can hide them in a non-boring way.

  1. Condition Them Regularly

Showing your bangs the TLC it needs is one sure way of growing them out in record time – and you can do it by just treating your strands with regular deep-conditioning treatments. With this, you’ll have healthy and well-moisturized hair.

  1. Make Great Use of Dry Shampoo

Aside from keeping your strands grease-free, using dry shampoo also adds hold and texture to your hair – which is what you’d want when you’re growing out your bangs. Simply spray a little dry shampoo through the lengths of your fringe, the style as you please. You’ll be amazed at how obedient your strands have become.

Even with these techniques to grow your fringe out, it’ll still take time for them to be at the same length as the rest of your hair. So as you wait for your bangs to grow out, consider sporting different hairstyles to keep them from looking boring.

A Guide to Creating a Beauty Capsule Collection


One of the areas in your life that you could easily lose control of is your beauty item purchases. If you just think about it, you’ll realize that your purse, bathroom cabinets, desk and even your car is overflowing with bobby pins, half-used mascaras and lipsticks that you don’t even remember buying. So if you’re sick of scouring through cabinets overflowing with beauty items, follow these tips to build a beauty capsule collection in an instant.

  1. Throw Away Unnecessary Items

One of the first things that you should do to create a beauty capsule is to get rid of any beauty products that you’re not using or is already expired. Start this by piling up all the products that you own and tossing what you think isn’t necessary. After that, put all the remaining products in an accessible area and store any special makeup in a separate container.

  1. Figure Out the Shades That Suit You Best

Whether you’re making purchasing decisions or cleaning your makeup vanity, it’s crucial to know which shades of makeup suit you best. Take the time to find out what shade suits your eye, hair and skin colour the most and stick with that colour. Understand that regardless of how much you love a particular lipstick shade, it’ll never work for your colouring. This will save you from the disappointment of purchasing a makeup that will never complement your skin tone.

  1. Do Some Research Before Every Purchase

Doing some research about a particular product you’re planning to purchase is crucial in creating a beauty capsule collection. Take the time to look at the ingredients list and read some reviews about the product. Some people spent their money and time figuring out whether or not a particular beauty product is good, so make good use of their hard work. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for a sample of the product to see if it really fits your needs.

  1. Stop Buying Duplicates

We’ve all owned one product with several identical copies displayed in the market – and as tempting as it may seem to buy the latest version of that item, refrain from doing so. Stocking up a dozen of essentially the same beauty product will only make your makeup vanity and beauty kit feel cluttered. So as much as possible, refrain from purchasing duplicates. Not only will your makeup drawer seem cleaner, you’ll also save some extra bucks.

Creating a beauty capsule collection is essential to achieve a clutter-free makeup vanity. So be sure to follow these tips as you build your own makeup capsule and free up some space on your vanity and beauty kits.