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Top Ingredients Your Acne Cream Should and Shouldn’t Have

Acne is one of the skin issues that can be quite difficult to deal with sometimes, but what’s more challenging is finding the right product that will help you in completely getting rid of that zit. To help you find the right product for your acne concerns, we’ve listed down some of the key ingredients that your acne cream should and shouldn’t contain. So start reading your product’s labels now and see if any of the following ingredients are in it.


Ingredients Your Acne Cream SHOULD Have

  1. Retinoid. When it comes to dealing with skin problems, Retin-A, retinol and retinoid are considered as the Holy Grail. Not only do these ingredients solve your acne problem, they also aid in exfoliating and decreasing skin inflammation. Retinoid, specifically tretinoin, works by regulating skin cells, decreasing oil production and even removing the dark stains left by acne. To get the best result of products that contain retinoid, experts recommend including them in your night-time beauty routine.


  1. Benzoyl Peroxide. This might already be an old ingredient, but it’s been known to work wonders in killing acne-causing bacteria. Just be sure to check on the dosage of the ingredient before buying though, as it might backfire if you have a rather sensitive skin. To be safe, opt for a product that containss less than three percent of benzoyl peroxide.


  1. Natural Skin Soothers. While most acne creams are effective in dealing with zit problems, the strong ingredients found in these products also tend to dry out the skin. To keep your skin protected from peeling and irritation, experts recommend using products that contain witch hazel, or shea butter.


Ingredients Your Acne Cream SHOULDN’T Have

  1. Alcohol. Just the other chemical ingredients, alcohol tend to dry the skin, and combining it with other active ingredients might result to cracked and inflamed skin. For products that are more comfortable for your sensitive skin, opt for those that are alcohol-free.


  1. Oils. If your acne breakout tend to be more severe, we suggest that you avoid using products that contain trendy oils like argan. While most oils can help in improving your skin condition, it wouldn’t be a good idea to pile up on oil if your intended result is to get rid of your zit problem, as it will only clog your pores more.


  1. Irritating Additives. Products that contain paraben are the ones that you should seriously avoid, as these chemicals tend to trigger allergic reaction among people with sensitive skin. It would also be wise to steer clear from antibiotics, phthalates, sulphates and triclosan as these ingredients can be irritating as well.

Finding the right acne cream is one of the best ways to get rid of your pesky zit. Just ensure though, that you read on the labels of each product before deciding to purchase it. That way, you’ll be able to get rid of your acne problem while keeping your skin fair and healthy.


The Ultimate Guide to Getting Flawless Eyebrows

Big, bold brows are definitely having their moment now. Just look at celebrities like Camilla Belle and Cara Delevingne. Luckily, you can already make your own brows look as gorgeous as theirs even without an A-list makeup team to help you. Jot down these step-by-step process to achieve those envy-inducing brows.


  1. Clean Your Face. Before starting with your plan to get those perfect eyebrows, wash your face first, then look for an area where you can get plenty of natural light. Make sure that you have your mirror and your angled tweezers at hand so you can immediate.
  1. Get The Placement of Your Brows. An important step in forming your brows is to know its exact placement. Use your finger to feel where exactly your brow bones are – it’s the ridge that’s between your eye socket and lower forehead. Your eyebrows should directly sit over this bone and all there’s left to do is to tweeze the hair that fell beyond your brow bones. Work back and forth between your brows though, to ensure that they are evenly done.
  1. Subtly Shape Your Arch. In shaping your brows, make your arch two-thirds on the way out of your brow bone. Reveal a bit of your brow bones at first, keeping your brows a little thicker, since you’ll still be able to remove more hair later if you want to.


  1. Deal With Gaps and Scars. If you have any eyebrow gaps or scars in the brow area, use an eyebrow pencil to create short strokes in the direction of your hair growth and then blend it using a spoolie. Experts also advised to pick your pencil shade based on the darkest part of your brows, which is in the mid-area of your eyebrows.
  1. Set Your Eyebrow Look. In setting your eyebrows, use a flexible-hold brow gel to ensure that they stay flawless and in place throughout the day.

Getting that perfect, bold eyebrows is actually pretty easy. Using these simple guidelines, bring out the inner brow stylist in you and put those gorgeous face framers of yours to work.