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Going Vegan: Learning About Meat Substitutes  


Singaporeans love meat but there is a recent report released by World Health Organization (WHO) that changed some minds of Singaporeans when it comes to consuming meat. WHO reported that consuming processed meats can lead to bowel cancer.


For those who are discouraged of consuming meat, it is hard to eliminate it in our diet at first but eventually we will be successful. We should start by considering meat substitutes to include:

  • Tofu: Tofus are made of soybeans which are healthy. It is the most common meat substitute in the market these days.
  • Eggplant: Eggplants are not a common choice when it comes to meat substitute but it will do. Eggplants are tasty and versatile.
  • Mushrooms: If we want a meaty taste, there is a mushroom that can give us the satisfaction of a meat. The Portobello mushrooms are rich and flavourful.


  • Jackfruit: Not all people know jackfruits but it is time that we discover its delight. Jackfruit is a fruit obviously but it can be a meat substitute because of its savoury property.
  • Beans and legumes: Talk about inexpensive meat substitutes, beans and legumes are an excellent choice. Beans and legumes are healthy as well as filling. There are many beans and legumes that we can consider so there are many things that we can do.
  • Potatoes: Potatoes are more than just side dishes. We can consider potatoes as our main ingredient and substitute. Potatoes can be boiled, roasted or baked.

The substitutes will satisfy us that we do not even notice the difference. This news may not be so good for meat exporters but the people need to know this.