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4 Ways Journaling Every Day Will Change Your Life

There’s more to journaling than just writing whatever comes to mind on paper, even though it’s perhaps the best way for you to keep your ideas in one place.

Here’s how jotting down on your journal will change your life:

1. It gives you topics for conversations.
Journaling lets you collect the thoughts that come to you in a way that you can remember them better, so when you’re not sure on how to strike up a conversation, you already have a few topics at the tip of your tongue that will let you get the ball rolling.

2. It lets you look for the silver lining.
Whenever you feel that you’re having a tough time, there’s a trick in journaling that will get you through it and even find a solution for any problem you might be facing.

It’s as simple as this: alongside every negative thing that’s currently happening, write down a positive thing in your life that you’re thankful for. Compare and contrast the positives with the negatives.

Once you do this, you’ll find that there are more things to be thankful and are worth striving for, and that things are not as bad as they seem.

It’s also because of this that you get the next benefit of journaling:

3. Journaling helps you handle depression better.
When you’re overwhelmed with what’s on your mind, you need to be able to write everything down as a way to manage it better. You’ll find that when you’re feeling depressed, journaling might just help you get by.

While it won’t solve depression overnight, it will help to give you some perspective on your life – that not everything is as bad as it seems, and that there’s always a way.

4. It improves your writing.
Your writing style will improve the more you write, even if it’s just for a journal entry. By collecting your thoughts, you also get to process and organize them, and this already counts as a writing process in and of itself.
After doing this for a while, you can look back and notice the difference in writing style when you just started out. Your thoughts will be more refined when you put them to paper, and you’ll also catch errors in your earlier entries that you didn’t notice before.

So the next time that you feel overwhelmed by everything that’s happened to you recently, or that there are a lot of things on your mind, it’s important to have a perspective from which to view everything. Writing things down gives you that perspective.

So what are you waiting for? Give it a try today!

(Disclaimer: this list is compiled in no particular order.)

Bar Soap vs. Body Wash – Which One Should You Choose for Your Skin?

Showering is a daily essential in terms of keeping good hygiene, but the body cleansers that you put on your body every day may need a little more scrutiny if you’re planning on getting only the best products available for your everyday needs.

When it comes to choosing between bar soap or body wash, there are a few differences and advantages that each one has over the other.

What is Bar Soap?
Soap is essentially the resulting alkaline salts of fatty acids that have a pH balance between 9 and 10, which is necessary for getting rid of the sebum, dead cells, and dirt that has accumulated over the skin throughout the day.
However, this can also strip away much of the necessary oils and moisture that keep the skin healthy.

Not all bar soaps are the same – there are actually different types of bar soaps that are suited for different skin types based on the oils, fats, and alkaline chemicals used to make them. Most translucent soaps manufactured today, for instance, are made with glycerin to even out the drying effects and help lock in moisture.

What is Body Wash?
While bar soap is made of fatty acids, body wash is essentially a liquid cleaner that has a thick consistency and texture, especially when compared to things like shower gel. They are designed to be a more moisturizing and hydrating alternative to bar soaps, and are often marketed to children and people who have sensitive skin.

This is because body wash contains certain skin-softening compounds called emollients, and many newer body wash formulas produced today can even incorporate certain skin ointments that can be absorbed by the skin to lock in moisture.

Most people who have sensitive skin or whose skin dries out quickly and easily can avoid over-drying by using body wash, as they tend to not have the pH levels that draw out the natural oils that your skin naturally secretes.

Which One Is Best For My Skin?
Mild body cleansers are the safest bet if you’re looking for a quick, easy, and cheap alternative to cleaning your skin. The good news that you can get from this is that most of the soaps you see in the grocery aisle are often formulated for normal skin types and are meant to be as general-purpose as possible.

However, you should be particularly picky when you have sensitive skin or are suffering from any skin maladies that may need medical attention. If you’re not sure which one to choose, consider contacting your dermatologist to know what cleaning product should best go with the skin type that you have.

How to Make Your Own Soap At Home from Scratch

Making soap is not just a way to make your own cleaning products to suit your needs or fancy, but can also be a source of endless fun, and can even be a way for you to start your own business in Singapore.

The beauty of soap-making is that you can make it as simple or as complicated as you like. While making adjustments to soap-making aren’t hard, it does take practice, and accurately weighing and measuring the amount of ingredients you have can make or break your batch.

While there are several different processes and styles when it comes to soap-making, one of the best ways to make soap is by starting from your scratch. Start by gathering the following ingredients:

• Water – Ideally, you want distilled water when making soap to get the best results.

• Oils/Fats – Use both solid (i.e. coconut, cocoa butter, and palm) and liquid (i.e. sunflower, canola, and castor) oils when cooking soap. Be sure to weigh them separately in different containers.

• Lye flakes – Be careful when using lye, as it can eat holes through fabric and even burn your skin if you’re not careful. Always wear proper safety equipment when handling it.

1. Make the lye-water solution by slowly adding the exact measurements of lye to the water in a pitcher and not vice versa. Stir the mixture gently until the lye is completely dissolved, and cover the mixture with a tight lid and put it in a safe place. Handle the pitcher carefully as the mixture can be quite hot.

2. Once you’ve weighed your soap-making oils separately, melt the solid oils in a large, stainless steel pot over medium-low heat and stir gently. Once the molten solid oils reach 43 degrees Celsius, turn off the heat and add the liquid oils to lower the temperature.

3. Once the liquid oils have been added, allow the mixture to drop to 37 degrees Celsius before adding the lye-water mixture. Use a stick blender to mix them but do not switch it on just yet. Set aside the rest of the mixture.

4. Turn on the stick blender to mix the lye water and oil mixture in short bursts of three or five seconds. Continue to stir and blend until mixed evenly.

Check if the mixture has emulsified by dipping a spoon into the mix and allowing it to dribble back into the pot. If it leaves a trace, the mixture is ready.

5. Add any additives (fragrances or moisturizers) or coloring that you fancy into the mix and give the mixture a brief blend with the stick blender.

6. Once the soap mixture has thickened, pour it into a mold and spread it evenly until the mixture fills the mold. Set the soap aside in a warm, secure area for 24 hours. Wrap the fully-cured soap in wax paper and seal in an airtight container.

Why Parties Should Be a Bbq Party?

Some Singapore residents are fond of cooking bbq food in their backyard. However, despite the popularity of backyard bbq activity, there are still many individuals who never consider barbecuing a party. If you love the smokiness of satay food and entertaining guests, but find bbq party a bit unfamiliar, here are some of the things that you might want to know about bbq cookout.


1. Doesn’t Need Thorough Planning
Another good thing that most party hosts love about bbq parties is that it can be planned in a short period of time. Though it’s still advisable to plan things in advance and engage a my bbq place catering in Singapore for the party games, food and drinks, you don’t necessarily have to. A bit of hard work and determination is enough to make a bbq cookout party possible in a week or in a couple of days. The more assistance you get from people, the sooner the party may happen.

2. Hassle-Free Food Preparation
A bbq party is a party while cooking. Unlike other parties, bbq cookout features easy to prepare foods that don’t need much preparation. However, you need to plan what dishes to serve for you to know what supplies to look for. If you want to save from all the shopping expenses, look for bbq wholesale stores instead of buying materials from a retail outlet. Bbq wholesale stores give great discounts for bbq wholesale purchases. By this, you get to control the expenses and personally pick the things you want and need.

3. Socialize and Familiarize Everyone
A bbq cookout party gives you the chance to acquaint and familiarize yourself with new people or family member. Whether a new family member has been added to the clan, through birth or marriage, or maybe a new neighbor just moved into the area. A bbq party is a great way to make friends and get acquainted. It doesn’t only providea an opportunity to make friends, but also make new people feel welcomed.


4. Relaxed and Casual
The most obvious advantage in hosting a bbq party, compared to other kinds of party, is that the atmosphere doesn’t have to be formal and uptight. Cookout parties are preferred by many who just want to relax and unwind from all the stress from work. There’s no dress code to be followed, no sophisticated set of utensils needed to be able to eat, and no holding back of fun and excitement.
Furthermore, unlike the party hosts of formal gatherings, bbq party hosts can have fun while still taking charge of everything. Since the party isn’t too uptight, hosts will still be able to find time to enjoy. This can be done by taking small breaks or by asking help from others. Some of your guests, whether your friends, family, co-workers ,or neighbors, will be more than willing to assist you in setting up the place, cook bbq foods, or even clean up after the party.

5. Gives Unique Touch to Traditional Parties
Whether you employ services from a bbq catering company or not, bbq cookout gives a touch of uniqueness to traditional outdoor parties. However, if you want a worry-free party, you may need the expertise of bbq catering companies. Bbq catering services can turn an ordinary party into an unforgettable festivity.

These professionals offer wide range of services, from small backyard get-together to extravagant bbq gourmet party. Bbq catering providers also let their clients choose the food to serve. Some of these choices include sea foods, roasted pork, burgers, steak, chicken, salads, fruits, and vegetables. Apart from the food, bbq catering companies can also provide tents, tables, chairs, and other accessories needed in the event.


Pregnant or Just Getting Fat?

Most women, especially those who have been married, are very proud to be pregnant. Normally, on the very first day that they knew they were pregnant, they get excited and tell all their friends about the news. “Excitement” is the perfect word for a woman who does that. On the other hand, there while you are in very serious relationship and you do not want to ruin it. Never ask your girl this question: Are you pregnant? Most of the time, boys unintentionally ask this question to a woman especially when they want to make fun of girls.


However, boys should avoid this because they might hurt a girls’ feeling. Some men can be very insensitive and ask fat girls if they are pregnant. Here’s the truth: Women who are obese have low self-esteem. Therefore, they might easily get hurt. Plus, they don’t want to be ask with that question because they feel like they are the only one who’s down. There are only two things that can happen: they might get angry and slap you on the face or they may cry in front of you and a lot of people will notice.


The worst thing that could happen is that people might look at you differently, while others might say that you are a mean person. Moreover, this is also applicable to women who have healthy bodies – asking her if she’s pregnant might also put you in danger. This is because she might be pregnant and she don’t want others to know it. For sure, you’ll reason out that you did not mean what you say. Unluckily, this she doesn’t buy your reason. You offended here personally. Therefore, stop and never ever as this question again.


The Bathroom Tile Cleaner Experts

There are Singaporeans who are very particular about their bathroom cleanliness. You are the type that dreads seeing bathroom tiles dirty. Despite the sight, sometimes you still ignore cleaning it. You have to remember that cleaning every corner and surface of the house is important and a must. This includes your bathroom. You have to get rid of stubborn dirt before it builds up. The good news here is there are ways you can utilize to effectively get rid of it.


The best news: you can make your own cleaning solution at home without spending too much money. If you read further, you will know some solutions for cleaning stubborn dirt found on your bathroom tiles. You do not need to replace your bathroom tiles because it looks dull and dirty. It only needs few minutes of your time. Here are some cleaning solutions worth considering:

  • Vinegar: Vinegar is the universal cleaning agent. If you want to clean a thing, you should first consider vinegar. It is an effective cleaning agent on its own. You only need to mix it with water. Vinegar solution is effective in removing scum, mold and mildew.
  • Bleach: Bleach is your instant mildew and mold remover. This is not that expensive. You can make the solution by mixing ¼ cup of bleach and ¾ cup of water. After mixing it, just spray the bleach solution directly unto your tile.


  • Ammonia: Ammonia is an effective scum, mildew and mold remover too. You only need to mix 1/3 cup of ammonia and 2/3 cups of water. Before scrubbing off the ammonia solution, let it sit for an hour first.

If this is not enough, you can look for other ways or solutions. For example, if you are tired of scrubbing, you can just make a grout cleaner. You just mix 1 cup of white vinegar, 2 tablespoon of dish washing liquid, 1 cup salt and 1 cup hot water. After mixing it, you can directly apply the mixture to your tile and grout.

You have to be mindful of some precautions too. Remember not to mix any cleaning product with ammonia or bleach. If you mix such chemicals, toxic fumes will be created. If you find one solution ineffective, you can always try another one but you have to rinse the tiles completely before applying another solution.

If you want to be sure, you can consider commercial tile cleaner. There are many stores here in Singapore that offers commercial tile cleaner.


Festival Info: The iLight Festival

Singapore has a lot to offer every single day. Singaporeans are happy because there is always something to look forward. If you are thinking of things to do on March 30, 2014, you should not be anxious because the iLight Festival will transpire.


Without a doubt it will brighten up your night. If you want to know more, you should read further. Here are the things that you should know about the festival:


  • Background: iLight Festival is the first and the only sustainable light festival in the whole of Asia. The light festival will showcase intelligent approaches and uses of lighting. The festival will feature different talents that will give meaning to lights. There will be twenty eight light installations from the different parts of the world.
  • Time and date: The objective of the festival is to bring awareness to people and promote a sustainable behaviour. This is crucial in the future of Singapore and the whole world. You should expect art installations made of recyclable materials. It will also feature energy efficient lighting. It will be held every 7:30pm to 11pm starting on March 7 to 30, 2014.
  • Venue: Since the festival will feature different art installations from around the world, the visitors should expect Marina Bay Waterfront transformed into an enchanted place because of the light installations and the colour of the pieces.
  • Admission: Apart from the display of lights, there are many activities from March 7 to 30, 2014. Singaporeans should expect more. The good news is that the admission is free. You can visit the festival as often as you want until March 30, 2014.

Now that you know everything about the festival, you should write it in your schedule so you will not miss or forget it. It would be a good thing if you invite your family and friends to witness it. Apart from the iLight Festival, you should look out for more events and festivals.