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Choose Your Friends Wisely – How to Choose Them

There is low juvenile crime rate in Singapore right now but the ideal rate should still be zero. These juvenile delinquents have been brought about by going with the wrong crowd. We often hear the advice to choose our friends wisely but how should one really choose? We started making friends in our early school days and have been doing so even until the present time. Unless we’ve had some traumatic experience where a friend has betrayed us, people don’t really stop to think carefully who they hang out with. Most of the times they just choose friends who are convenient to be with and those who are most similar to them.


The following are some tips on how to choose your friends wisely and responsibly:

Choose those who share the same values as you do

As the Art of War say, know yourself first. This advice reaches even beyond the confines of war but even in other aspects of our lives. How much do we really know ourselves? What values do we keep close in our hearts? Though we may not think much about it, every one of us has certain values that we follow and live by. Make friends according to the values we keep but make sure that these values are the right ones.

Choose those who do not lie

Be observant of people and use this to your advantage. Stay away from those who have a record of breaking their words and not doing what they have to do. Be cautious of those whom you have caught lying for whatever reasons. People who lie are most likely the same people who will lie at you and say different things behind your back. Better place your trust somewhere else.


Choose those who are good to their family

Some people have been neglected by their parents and some may have not known who their real family is. There may be exception to this rule. But the bottomline is people who are disrespectful to their family members or to those close to them will be equally comfortable to disrespect you, too. You’re better off hanging out with those who value their family. These are people who are least likely to be self-centered. As a friend, you’d want to be treated like family, too.

Choose those who treat people nicely

Be careful of people who treat you nicely but do not show the same treatment to other people especially those in lower statuses. You may want to check what hidden agenda they may be holding. You’re better off hanging out with those who show equal respect to everyone. You wouldn’t want your supposed trusted friends to leave you just when times are tough. What you want is a friend who will stick by you both in good times and in bad times. People with agenda will be quick to ditch you once they see that they can no longer benefit from their friendship with you.