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Preventive Measures When Riding the Pillion

Parents believe that riding a pillion is harmless for their kids. It is common here in Singapore when you see parents maneuvering bicycles with their kids on pillions. Parents who are doing this should be cautious from now on because recent studies revealed that this is risky especially for children ages six years old and below.


According to a study made in Children’s Hospital and KK Women, out of 242 children in the Children’s Emergency Department, 76% are pillion riders. The study was conducted from January 2008-December 2010. 24% of 242 children were riding alone. With this, the Department of Emergency Medicine reminds parents of preventive measures to include:

Drive slowly

When you ride the bicycle with your kid, you have to drive it slowly. Your kid will learn that you are cautious and he/she will absorb it.

Stay in cycling paths

Here in Singapore, there are many cycling paths available. Though not all areas have this, you can choose to drive around in areas with cycling paths to be safe. Do go to traffic infested areas.


Appropriate footwear

Stuck shoelaces can cause accident. You have to tell your kid to tie his/her shoelaces before riding. Apart from that, you need to provide appropriate footwear that can cover the whole foot to safeguard the ankle.

Provide safety gears

Apart from the appropriate footwear, you need to provide your kids with proper safety gears like helmet and knee pad.

Children love to ride bicycles. It is not possible to totally ban them from riding it because they will be very sad. Just consider the safety measures mentioned above and you’ll be fine.

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