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Hydration Tips for Athletes


Your recipe to healthy living should include water. Water is crucial yet many Singaporeans tend to forget or deliberately ignore it. If you are an athlete, you know the importance of water but you do not know the ways. This article will provide hydration hints for athletes so they will achieve optimum performance.


Water can affect the performance of athletes. If you are mildly dehydrated, you should brace yourself for poor performance. You have to be reminded that improper hydration can lead to muscle cramping, reduced endurance and diminished strength. You know when you are dehydrated by the time you are thirsty – but that is too late. Being thirsty is thereby not a reliable signal.

The best thing to do is drink water at regular intervals whether you are thirsty or not. How much water should you consume? For an inactive person, the minimum water requirement is about eight to twelve cups per day. This amount is too low for athletes like you. You need more than eight to twelve cups per day to sustain your metabolism.

Here are some hydration hits that should not be forgotten or ignored by athletes:


  • Drinking frequency: As an athlete, you lose too much water and it is important that you know the frequency so you can replace it right away and avoid possible cramping. You have to drink water before, during and after the exercise. Experts suggest that you drink at least 1.5 to 3 gallons of water per day if you want optimum performance the next day.
  • Drink more when caffeine is involved: If you cannot totally avoid caffeine, then you have to drink more water. Remember that caffeine is diuretic – meaning it can rob your body of water. To replace the water, you have to increase consumption when caffeine is involved.
  • Drink cold water instead: If cold water is accessible, you have to consider it since cold water can easily and quickly absorb than your usual warm water.
  • Drink regardless of the activity: You consume more water only when you exercise or engaged in a strenuous activity. Water should be consumed no matter the activity. Whether you are in a meeting or watching TV, water is essential.
  • Drink the moment you wake up: You sleep eight hours and think that the body is well. That is where you are wrong. If you slept for eight hours in a hot and dry room, there is a tendency that you will be dehydrated. So, after waking up, drink at least sixteen ounces of water.

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