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The Future of Nokia: Virtual Reality Camera  


We learned to send texts and receive or make calls through the very first and largest phone maker in the world at that time – Nokia. Some Singaporeans may not know this but Nokia went through restructuring. Their restricting made them sell its mobile phone business to none other than Microsoft.


With the influx of different phone makers, Nokia encountered tough times but it does not mean that they have lost all hope. The company based in Helsinki, Finland moved on and instead of fretting, they try to make something that can be the first of its kind.

This time, they are developing a virtual reality camera. This could clear the hazy future of the company. The company unveiled its very first virtual reality camera at an event in Los Angeles. The camera is round-shape which is important for creating 3D games and movies. The games and movies can be played and watched with the use of virtual reality headsets.


The camera takes audio and video 360 degrees because of its eight microphones and sensors. We might notice some similarities with GoPro. GoPro uses sixteen cameras together with Google’s software to work. Other companies like Samsung and Facebook also expressed their plans to go into the virtual reality industry soon. We’ll have to see.

This new virtual camera is under Nokia’s digital media solutions business. This business is the new focus of the company as a potential for future growth. It is good news that Nokia is finally picking the pieces and starting to reinvent things. With this new innovation, it is not impossible that Nokia will once again be hailed as the largest maker in the world.


Instagram Fever

People love taking photos. A lot of us like taking photos of ourselves so much that the coined term selfie, meaning a photograph of one’s self taken by one’s self, has been officially part of the dictionary. Now, people not only take millions of selfies but are also fond of taking pictures of food, clothing, and virtually anything that we think we need to capture.


With the popularity of selfies, more and more people are posting these photos in their social media accounts. Originally there was Facebook and then people started posting photos with their tweets on Twitter. Now, there’s a social network service that specializes in photo and video-sharing called Instagram.

What is Instagram?

Instagram is an online photo and video-sharing social media service and mobile application. It can be considered as one of the biggest social media platforms together with Facebook and Twitter. With more than 80 million users all over the globe, Instagram’s popularity has skyrocketed especially after being part of the Facebook umbrella.


Celebrities and ordinary individuals alike are now present in Instagram, documenting their daily activities by posting photos and videos. The celebrity Instagram accounts with the most followers are Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande and Selena Gomez.

How does it work?

First, you must download and install the application into your smartphone, then you must make your account and profile. You can then start posting your photos or your short videos, or you can start following people in order to see their Instagram updates.