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TV Shows We Can’t Get Enough Of  


For those who are fans of US TV shows here in Singapore, life will be boring for the next months because of shows that have gone on hiatus. Hiatus means a break. They will definitely be back – we just do not know when. We can only pray that it will not be gone for a long while. Final episodes of the seasons are disheartening especially if we are left on the edge of our seat.


Oh well, we have to accept that season ends. The least thing that we can do now is patiently wait for the next season and gain some insider news about the upcoming season (we just want to know what to expect, right?). What US TV shows Singaporeans like most? There are a plenty but as of the moment, there are at least four shows that we want to come back right away.

Here are the shows:

  • Flash: Before the season ended, many people were questioning why Barry needed to sacrifice himself to save the universe (and partly because Eddie got the heart of Iris). The good news is that we can still see Barry in Legends of Tomorrow, Arrow and the Flash season 2.
  • Arrow: Many things happened – Oliver ditched the green hoodie, there’s a new demon and Katana emanated. However, this is not the end for Oliver because he will still appear in Legends of Tomorrow with Barry and well, he will still continue firing his arrows and catching bad guys who “failed the city”.


  • The Walking Dead: The Walking Dead is definitely the zombie show. What should we expect in Season 6? Of course lots of gruesome scenes from dying zombies and characters making pointless decisions.
  • Daredevil: The red costume suits Matt Murdock. They gave us thirteen splendid episodes and left us hanging. Oh, the horror! In the last episode, The Kingpin was put in jail.

If there are more on our list, we have to check every now and then for fresh episodes. There is nothing to adore these shows and as long as it entertains us and it makes us happy, we will forever wait for new episodes.

While we wait for the new episodes, let us not waste our time, we have to watch other shows so we will not notice the time pass. There are many US TV shows worth our time. We like US TV shows because we learn and pick up English which can help us express our feelings more.