Dealing with Animal Bites

Domestic pets, no matter how adorable they are, are the source for most of the animal bites. Bites from non-immunized animals like dogs, cats, raccoons, skunks, foxes and bats carry rabies. Rabies is an infection that targets the central nervous system which can eventually lead to cardiac or respiratory failure then death. Animal bite is very serious therefore it should be addressed.


Here’s the list on how to effectively deal with animal bites:

Get far away from the animal

To ensure that the animal won’t bite you again, it is recommended to stay away from the animal as much as possible. If there are people around, they should catch the animal and isolate it.

Wash the wound

The first thing to do is wash the wound with soap. Wash the wound until you are satisfied. This is important so that the saliva and other germs in the wound will be washed away.


Determine the seriousness of the bite

After cleaning the wound, you should determine the seriousness of the bite. If the bite barely broke the skin, treat the bite as you would treat a minor wound. Apply an antibiotic cream to put off possible infection then cover it with a sterile bandage.

For deep and serious bites, apply pressure to the bleeding by using a clean cloth and see the doctor. If there are signs of infection like swelling, redness and severe pain, go to the doctor.

Go to the doctor to get shots

Doctors will recommend anti tetanus, anti-rabies and booster shots if they feel there is a need to. You should follow series of treatments and medications prescribed just to be sure. Even if you feel perfectly normal, just follow the doctor’s recommendations anyway.

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