Effective Tips on How to Manage Your Employees

What it means to be a leader has evolved throughout the years to becoming an efficient manager and even a servant leader. It is no longer enough just to wield power and put on a titular role even in Singapore. Society has matured to be more aware of every individual’s rights and what each one deserves. Some employees become sources of tension in the workplace as they develop ideas of how to better manage things. Managers are consequently expected to step up and show everyone why they deserve their positions.


Here are some effective tips you can take to better manage your employees:

Be a friend

Good employees resign because they no longer want to work for their bosses. Avoid a high turnover by being a friend to your employees. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to confide personal information or be too comfortable to each other. This also doesn’t mean being too lenient to your subordinates. What this means is to be viewed as an agreeable fellow person whom they can talk to and even share a joke or two with. It’s really more of an art.

Set the ground rules clear

Set the tone straight early on by being completely clear about each other’s expectations and by setting the ground rules which you expect everyone to follow. The ground rules should be clear enough to avoid any gray areas where smart alecks may mess around with. Be sure to offer the rationale for each rule. What’s in it for every employee if they choose to follow? What are the consequences should they choose not to follow?

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Know what motivates your employee

Not everyone is motivated by money. Some people are more motivated by giving them recognition and awards. Some are motivated with a sense of responsibility whenever you delegate a task to them. Some people are easily motivated when you talk to them about their loved ones. Find out your employee’s soft spots and use these whenever you notice their motivation waning.

Be fair to everyone

Employees do not like it when they notice unfair treatment among them. You wouldn’t like it either especially if you’re not the favored one. Avoid unnecessary workplace issues by showing everyone that they all get a fair treatment. It’s all a matter of black and white rules to you with a bit of humanitarian consideration. Even then make sure your employees understand why there’s no special treatment on everyone. Boos their confidence in you by being fair and trustworthy.

Be a good example

Setting ground rules means you also need to follow these same rules. This will show everyone that even those in the upper levels of management respect the rules and are able to follow them so there’s no reason for the other employees not to. Following the rules yourself will also keep your name and record clean and well respected even while you’re not around. You wouldn’t want to give your employees reasons to talk badly behind your back.




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