Living a Quality Life

“The Happiest Country in Asia”, this is what some people are calling Singapore now. According to a study by Dan Buettner who founded a global project called Blue Zones, ninety-five percent of people in Singapore say that they are very happy. Singapore, the smallest country in Southeast Asia, is not known for its size but for its superiority as a nation, especially on the quality of living it offers.


How can we tell that a country offers quality life to its citizens? Well, there are many factors that indicate that a nation serves its people well, the two most important factors being political and economic stability. With these two factors alone, a person living in a country can say that he or she is leading a good life.

Good governance is essential in making a country strong and its citizens happy. Even though Singapore is a small country, our government is built on a solid foundation that keeps every citizen secured. Our government’s focus is to be aggressive in building the future of the people. It has been able to interest multi-national companies from becoming a First World country inside the Third World areas which makes it very competitive.


Singapore has been ranked as the number one country for having the best bureaucracy in Asia. It was also declared by the World Economic Forum (2011-2012) as the country with the highest public trust of politicians. We have also been repeatedly recognized as the least corrupt nation in the world.

Another way to measure a how well a nation is doing is by looking at its economic framework. As mentioned that Singapore is competitive and is the least corrupt country in the world, it is now a place for good business ventures and investments since it has won the trust of the people. Singaporeans are known for their intellect.

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