More about Emotional Intelligence and its facet

We are in the age where in it’s not only the Intelligence Quotient (IQ) of a person a company looks for in a potential employee but also they are considering the significance of the persons emotional intelligence (EQ) in handling organizational challenges. Emotional Intelligence plays a vital role in the success of every individual in the organization. Here are some facets of EQ.


Aware of one’s character & distinctiveness

Usually people with high EQ are aware of what they want and need in their lives. They also know their strength and weaknesses. They are bold but still not afraid to acknowledge their fears.

Knows how to manage one self

Usually a person with high EQ knows how to manage their emotions and impulses.  Let’s say this person is the leader of a group and some of his members are being sluggish, instead of shouting at them, he will just talk to them coolly and proposed certain task to make things work.


Knows how to motivate oneself

Usually a person with high EQ has the ability to persevere in face of setbacks and failures.  Life is never that easy but a person with high EQ knows how to stand up and fight again in times of breakdown.

Has a great sense of empathy

Usually a person with high EQ has a great sense of how others are feeling. Let’s say in just a simple joke, he doesn’t make fun of people who are sensitive and easily get offended. Another one is when a colleague of his failed in an exam and he did pass, he doesn’t really shout for joy.  He just keeps it to his self and gives encouraging words to his colleague.



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