Reverse the Aging Process with Alkaline Water

This article gives several reasons why some people experience pre-mature aging. These include cigarette smoking, sun exposure, lack of regular exercise, cold weather excessive alcohol intake, anxiety, and sleep deprivation. Additionally, this article briefly discusses how alkaline water can help combat several factors of aging.
Alkaline water Singapore is known to combats factors that cause pre-mature aging. In fact, health experts say that drinking alkaline water is one of the best solutions to looking younger and maintaining good health. We all want to feel young and look young and h2olifesource recommended for good alkaline water ionizer in Singapore if you are considering one. So in order to achieve that, avoid the following activities that cause pre-mature aging.


• Cigarette Smoking – Cigarette smoking is not only dangerous to the inner body but its negative effects are also visible in the skin. Health studies show that exposure to cigarette smoke makes the skin dry and causes wrinkles. Vitamin C which keeps the skin’s moisture is being depleted if a person constantly smokes.
• Sun Exposure – Long exposures to the sun cause skin aging. It causes the skin to become dry, which increases the possibility of developing sagging skin and wrinkles. In the long run, constant exposure to the sun causes skin cancer.
• Lack of Regular Exercise – Exercise allows proper circulation of blood and helps tone muscles. If we notice, those who have a sedentary lifestyle usually look old and unhealthy.


• Cold Weather – This isn’t a problem for people in Singapore, but in case you’re out of the country and live in a cold place – watch out. Cold weather dries up our skin and contributes to pre-mature aging. This is the reason why people who live in places with low temperatures needs a lot of skin moisturizers.
• Excessive Alcohol Intake – Drinking too much amount of alcohol speeds up aging because alcohol, including wine, dilates small blood vessels, which results to increase in blood flow in skin surface. To reduce hangover, drink plenty of water when you drink alcohol; to reduce skin aging, drink alkaline water Singapore.
• Anxiety – Stress causes us to frown a lot. Too much frowning actually causes the face muscles to conform to that movement. Maintaining a cheery disposition is perhaps the best way to look young.
• Sleep Deprivation – Lack of sleep is a major cause for pre-mature aging. We feel and look tired when we are deprived of sleep. It creates dark circles around the eyes and causes our skin to sag.

Avoiding all these habits can make a person look younger. But to get better results, it’s advised that we also drink supplements like alkaline water Singapore. Alkaline water is rich in antioxidants with negative ORP. These antioxidants prevent our bodies from “rusting”. They are responsible for combating potentially harmful oxidizing agents in the atmosphere which cause aging. Since antioxidants are in liquid form, they are quickly absorbed by cells in the body.


Moreover, this type of water is best for hydration. It keeps the skin well-hydrated than any other type of water. Therefore, appearance of wrinkles and dry skin is prevented. Indeed, drinking alkaline water every day is one of the health secrets to achieving a younger-looking you along with proper nutrition, regular exercise, right amount of sleep, abstinence from cigarette and alcohol.

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