SG Wants to Improve Worker’s Lives

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said that the government will commit to improving the lives of their workers. He hinted one program that can advance the lives of older workers. For older workers, the government may support the employment of this age group by giving them chance to work until they reach 70 provided they are healthy.

Aside from older workers, the government is also set to help low wage professionals, managers and executives. Prime Minister Lee identified one solution-raise wages. In order to raise wages, the economy should grow. There are many factors that Singapore should concentrate on to grow. They must focus on:


Attracting Investments

Attracting foreign investments can contribute to economic growth and employment. The government should think of ways to attract foreign and even domestic investments.

Creating Jobs

Creating of jobs or employment opportunity will follow if there are many investments present. Jobs will present money in exchange for the work rendered thereby managing to pay for basic needs and wants.

Restructuring of Domestic Economy

Restructuring the domestic economy is crucial. Prime Minister Lee admitted that the domestic economy is “certainly not perfect” but it is “better shape than others”.  This is not good enough. The government must start restructuring the domestic economy to stabilize and strengthen it. There are other countries like USA, Greece, Spain, Sweden and Finland that face the same challenges.

Investing in the Future

The future is something that should be given importance. Singapore seeks to invest in the future by producing competent graduates, ventures in science and technology, improvement is social services and many others.

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