The Global Young Scientists Summit


On January 19-24, 2014, GYSS (Global Young Scientists Summit) transpired. The five day event was held at the NTU (Nanyang Technological University). GYSS brought together many prominent researchers and scientists in the field of science and technology around the world. GYSS was organized by NRF (National Research Foundation). The theme for the second GYSS is “Advancing Science, Creating Technologies for a Better World.”

What made the gathering remarkable is its format. GYSS was patterned it after the Nobel Laureate Meetings. GYSS did not have themes of precise subject areas. It featured many speakers for different discipline. The CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of NRF, Professor Low Teck Seng said that science cannot be catalogued. It is broad and you cannot put limitations therefore the multi-disciplinary approach.


There were about three hundred fifty young researchers involved in GYSS. They were under 35 years old. Young researchers were also joined by eighteen famous scientists. Participants and guests enjoyed the plenary and small group sessions and panel discussions. The participants also enjoyed the competition – Singapore Challenge. The challenge stimulates the participants to think of something that can address issues about urban development and sustainability.

There were thirty five proposals submitted for the challenge. The proposals were judged by a panel. The winner received cash worth US $100000 and medal. This is to supplement his ideas. It was the President who proclaimed the winner. The winner was Yossi Kabesa who is a researcher at Jerusalem’s Hebrew University. The research of Mr. Kabesa focused on the detection of pollutants that can compromise the water supply. He proposed genetically engineered bacteria, response teams and flying vehicles as a start.




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