Why You Should Always Stay Hydrated

Because of the hot and humid climate in Singapore, it can be very easy for us to get dehydrated. To put it simply, when we don’t have enough water in our body, our organs don’t function at their best. Hence, we can get easily tired and even become more prone to sickness. Apart from that, here are all the other reasons why you should try to drink enough water every day.

Water helps overall brain function

One of the more important reasons why you should stay hydrated is that water (alongside oxygen) is obviously needed by the brain. When you are dehydrated, it can affect the electrolytes that travel through the brain and your nervous system. This means that your cognitive function may be affected negatively. So, when you start feeling thirsty, think about it as your brain telling you that it needs water.

Our body simply needs it

All our organs need water! All our cells are basically made of water, so not having a good enough supply will hinder our organs’ ability to function effectively. Our bodily systems from the digestive system, circulatory system and etc. all rely on having water to be able to carry out the processes through and through. Our skin and our eyes also need water to stay healthy and efficient.

Water helps with weight loss

Drinking water can help with weight loss simply because you feel fuller. When you drink a lot of water before eating a meal, for example, you can limit the amount of calories you intake. This can be an effective method for those who are dieting to lose weight. This is also a great substitute for sports drinks when you’re trying to lose weight in the gym since water does not add calories.

Water can improve your physical performance

Again, because our cells are made of water, having enough supply will help us carry out physical activities much more efficiently. When you lose water from sweat, for example, your muscle tissues start to lose energy. This is because muscles mostly have a higher water composition. So, if you start sweating too much, make sure to resupply your body with water.

Water cleanses the body

Because of all the fast food and processed food that we eat, we’re taking too much sodium inside our body. Another main function of water is that it can help the body flush these toxins out. We do this through sweating or urinating. If we don’t drink enough water, the excess sodium left in the body might develop and become harmful toxins. That is why it is important to drink enough water to clear the body of any excess and harmful toxins.

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